Why Turmeric?

life is too short

Turmeric is often called the golden spice and may just be the most powerful herb of all super foods! Tens of thousands of articles have been published supporting turmeric’s healing benefits of fighting and potentially reversing disease. Curcumin, which grows in Southeast Asian countries, is the active ingredient in turmeric. The distinctive yellow color and fragrance come from the fact that it is a member of the ginger family, and it has a long history of being used as the main spice in the Indian dish curry. Continue reading

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The WellBe Wrap-up

Adrienne Nolan-Smith

Trying to stay on top of wellness and health news and research can be overwhelming. Here is a health and wellness report shared by Blue Cross Blue Shield and WellBe-style:

1. What: In a comprehensive report focusing on the 55 million millennial Americans who are commercially insured, Blue Cross Blue Shield found that millennials, on average, are less healthy than the previous generation, and that health begins to decline at age 27.

The Details: The 2017 study showed that millennials (defined as people born between 1981 and 1996) were actually living at about 95% of their optimal health. Sounds good, right? But diving deeper into the data showed that millennials on the older end (age 34-36) have higher rates for 10 serious conditions than did Gen X-ers when they were the same age. Those top 10 conditions were comprised of four physical ailments and six behavioral conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, Crohn’s, substance abuse, major depression, and hyperactivity. It’s notable that compared to the national population, millennials were more affected by behavioral health conditions, and that conditions with the largest growth in prevalence from 2014-2017 were depression, hyperactivity, and type II diabetes. The report also showed that the decline in millennials’ health begins at age 27. Um…yikes!

Why Does This Matter for My Health? If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a millennial, and if you’re not, odds are basically 100% that you know a good number of millennials. After all, there are 73 million of us in the U.S.! Either way, this news matters, a lot. It’s not just about millennials feeling sick or grappling with health issues in the moment: this report has serious repercussions for the future of the American workforce, economy, and healthcare system, as this huge generation will likely continue to face health issues as they become the dominant population.

The WellBe Takeaway: As we always say, the best way to deal with health conditions is to prevent them in the first place. While this report is startling, it provides us with some very useful information about what conditions to be on the lookout for, and motivates us to take preventative action against them — whether we’ve already passed that age 27 threshold (ahem, hello!) or not. It also shows us that things are getting worse as far as the chronic disease crisis in America, and taking action in our own lives and within our families and communities is more important than ever.



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Finding Authentic Freedom

Authentic Freedom

In life, we seek freedom. Freedom from bad relationships. Freedom from vices and addictions. Freedom from being coerced into thinking and believing in a way that we know, deep down, just isn’t right. Or perhaps freedom from a past that we feel we just can’t escape. Continue reading

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Helping Others: Is There Anything In It For Me?

Dr. Rick

Have you ever had the privilege of helping someone who could not help themselves? What did it feel like to help that person? Remember a time being with a good friend or a significant other? We tend to have a warm connection, and want that person to not hurt but truly be happy. Have you had a time of not feeling cared about by someone? The feeling that you didn’t really matter to someone you cared about. Maybe these hurts weren’t overtly blowing you off, but they were not going out of their way to see how you were doing or showing care the way you would hope they would. Continue reading

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Meet Hallie Klecker

Hallie Klecker (2)

Meet Hallie Klecker! A beautiful young lady I met in Nashville at a Love Good House Concert, Hallie is delightfully fun and talented in sooo many ways! She is a personal chef, culinary coach, recipe developer, and podcast host specializing in health-supportive, allergy-friendly recipes that actually taste good. I absolutely love her and I know you will too!

“I’m all about colorful food right now. Spring is sloooowwwww in coming to the Midwest, so it’s up to me to bring a little color into the kitchen with every chance I get. To beat the late winter blues, I whipped up this smoothie last week and savored every last drop!” Continue reading

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What’s Love Good About?

Jimmy (4)

I’ll never forget my first back-stage experience with a Grammy-award winning artist. I was 18-years-old as I waited patiently in line at the Lakewood Amphitheater in my hometown of Atlanta. I hardly noticed the unbearable humidity that early summer day as most of my sweat dripped from nervous energy and anticipation. Continue reading

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Prebiotics and Probiotics

life is too short

Do we need both prebiotics and probiotics? Yes, we need to eat plenty of both prebiotic and probiotic foods. They will help promote the ideal balance between good and bad gut bacteria, and keeping our gut bacteria balanced is important for many aspects of our health. These nutrition boosters help boost immunity and overall health, especially GI health.

Continue reading

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