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Our heart’s desire is to thrive – to feel fully alive, to expand, flourish, prosper and grow.  The more we thrive, the deeper we fall in love with our life.

What happens when you’re not thriving, but merely surviving?  Your growth becomes stunted.   You feel emptiness rather than the fullness of life.   You end up settling for being, doing and having less than what you’re capable of achieving.

How do you shift from surviving to thriving, both personally and professionally?

The answer is found in the lives of thrivers who consistently demonstrate growth in three key areas:  Heart, Identity and Expression.

TRIUMPHANT HEART – Displayed by a joyful and emotionally healthy heart that practices compassion and mercy; offers forgiveness; makes genuine connections; is resilient and overcomes adversity.

RADIANT IDENTITY – Reflected in the glowing identity of a person who has embraced their greater purpose; recognizes their true worth and core values and has confidence in their own unique identity.

VIBRANT EXPRESSION  – Demonstrated in the full expression of one’s gifts, talents and purpose; communicates with great influence; and consistently offers encouraging and powerful words that honor, uplift and transform others.

Think of someone you know who appears to be thriving and if no one comes to mind, choose the opposite, a survivor.

How well does that person display the thriving attributes previously described? 

You may see a mixture of qualities; but overall you’ll be able to characterize that person as surviving or thriving.  The clues are found in their body language, attitude, philosophy of life, treatment of others, their level of influence, emotions expressed, and words spoken.

Next, rate yourself.  On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is surviving and 10 is thriving, where are you?  Would you like to increase your score?

If so, begin by selecting just one area below for growth.  Take time to reflect on the corresponding question.

I highly recommend that you journal your thoughts because you’ll receive additional, valuable insights as you write.  Then review what you’ve written and seek guidance from God or your own intuition or someone else to help you choose your next step that will help you fall more deeply in love with your life.

HEART:  What mental, emotional or spiritual habits can I add or delete that will nourish my heart?  Your heart knows what it needs to thrive.

IDENTITY:  What do I love and treasure about myself? Name and claim your unique and brilliant qualities, skills, and talents.

EXPRESSION:  How can I more fully express my passions, gifts, talents or strengths? We are designed to impact others in ways that are personally fulfilling and significant.

As a breast cancer thriver, I hold the target of loving my life in front of me at all times. As a result, I am especially attuned to factors promoting positive growth as well as those hindering our natural ability to thrive.  You were created to thrive, to live a life of joy, fulfillment, significance and impact. It is my fervent desire to help you fall more deeply in love with your life by establishing the fertile ground from which the abundant life you were created for can emerge.

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