Nana’s Organic Bug Spray

Nana    Nana’s Organic Bug Spray:

As spring falls away and summer approaches, I’ve already noticed spiders, bugs, and carpenter bees hovering around my window sills and door frames. So, in an effort to keep them outside … today I sprayed inside and out … ooh la la … the aroma!Note: I also pour down my sinks and drains … especially those not being used regularly!

Ingredients: 16 oz distilled or (boiled) tap water/Neem Oil/Peppermint Oil/Tea Tree Oil/Eucalyptus Oil/Lavender Oil

Add a total of 50 drops of essential oils to 16 oz water to achieve desired scent. The more oils used, the stronger the spray will be. 

Optional Essence oils can be added: Cedar, Citronella, Clove, Lemongrass, Rosemary

*Use equal parts water and witch hazel if treating irritated skin.

(I keep two spray bottles ready to go … If I’m spraying plants, pathways or seating areas I use tap water … If I’m spraying people or pets I use distilled water and witch hazel.)

Excerpt from “Nana Talks … Relationships, Remedies & Recipes”

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