The importance of Attraction, Chemistry, Faith and Family in a relationship.

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Excerpts from Let’s Talk … a book written and published by Deanna Mitchell, Founder/FullyAliveOutreach…

The importance of attraction, chemistry, faith and family in a relationship.
Let’s start with attraction and chemistry! Without that… we don’t even have a reason for a relationship … do we!?! If we didn’t catch each other’s attention… and more importantly, keep it, then there really isn’t a connection that’s keeping us together. Right! Enough said!

Our faith is at the core of our very soul, and without faith and trust in God, as well as one another, we don’t share the common denominator that keeps us together forever. Check!
Which leads us to family and lifestyle. If we don’t have the same interest in sharing our lives with each other and the people God has put into our lives, then we will quickly become detached from one another and pursue our own individual priorities. So …

When we are blessed with the opportunity to receive a relationship, we need to be intentional about spending time together in order to get to know one another. And, we should never be in too big of a hurry … either to label it or give up on it!

Dating a person who has truly become our best friend is an awesome way to start a long-term relationship! Intentional time spent together on a regular basis will ultimately reveal if we are right for each other!

Relationships centered in God just naturally evolve and likewise, joy, peace and happiness come from that union! We never want to be the person or with a person who takes relationships for granted or thinks they are difficult or hard work. A relationship should never be forced or controlled. When it is, it is because there isn’t a mutual desire to be in the relationship. We want to be with someone who recognizes and appreciates that relationships are truly a privilege and a gift from God, so be prepared …  not standing still … God is always working in our lives! 😘

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