Modern Mother’s Jewelry


Modern Mother’s Jewelry

After years of attending jewelry shows, meeting vendors and researching trends, I realized what the market is missing- glamorous, timeless and affordable fine jewelry. Kathryn Q. Jewelry is hand made in sterling silver with natural gemstones in the classic teardrop shape- the briolette. Since the briolette is drilled at the top of the stone, it does not require surrounding metal or prongs holding it in a mounting. It is the one cut that truly showcases the stone from all angles. It catches and reflects light giving you the ultimate ‘bling’.

When I first met Deanna I immediately knew I had met my jewelry match. Not only was she one of my favorite clients because of her positive and energetic spirit, we had the same taste in jewelry! She originally came to repurpose jewelry for her daughter Haylee’s upcoming wedding. We up-cycled many of her pieces but realized that she didn’t have earrings to match her Mother of the Bride dress! We immediately got to work and I custom made her a set with beautiful blue gemstones- London blue Topaz, Swiss blue Topaz, Aquamarine and Sapphire to name a few.

When Deanna told me the exciting news — her daughter Haylee was pregnant– I immediately thought of making a mother’s pendant for her. There are quite a few choices out there for Mother’s jewelry using the family’s birthstones, but I have to encourage you to Google them to see for yourself. They are generic, cheap looking and just plain old- school.

So, using the delicate briolette shape hanging in a waterfall pattern we created a modern set of Mother’s jewelry. The pendant and earring set consisted of three birthstones in descending order- the mother’s, father’s and baby’s.

​It’s ​the perfect gift to celebrate the birth of a child and your family. You can add birthstones as your family grows, making it a precious, thoughtful and memorable gift. ​The sentimentality along with the vibrant colors and modern styles will leave the recipient glowing inside and out.


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