Health, Happiness and Aging Well

Jane Seymour_crop

Deanna Mitchell/Founder/Fully Alive Outreach/June 4, 2017

Just came across a copy of Good Health Lifestyles magazine on which the front cover features the beautiful Jane Seymour … On Health, Happiness and Aging well … Getting better with time!

This article written by Julie Blauer talks about the vibrant and healthy lifestyle that Jane lives… and how she brings a much-needed acceptance and dignity to being a woman over 60 in Hollywood. “In a culture that worships you, Jane debunks the myth that women somehow have less value after a certain age. ”

Jane’s philosophy is “to each their own” but being authentic is very important to her …no Botox or plastic surgery!

Her secret to good health… living a balanced life … surrounded by loved ones, eating
healthy, balanced meals and drinking lots of water; exercise … making her core strength a priority … Pilates!

Reading this article about Jane Seymour confirms for me the qualities that make a woman beautiful inside and out  … as well as eternally youthful ….  her positive outlook on life, her desire to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible, her eagerness to explore new opportunities, and her desire to live in love while helping and serving others.

Thank you, Jane Seymour, for being such an awesome role model and inspiration for what good clean living can do for you … especially given the conflicting and confusing messages coming out of Hollywood today!

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