When I got busy I got better! Wait … What!?!

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Yes, at one time I did think that was the ticket – STAY BUSY! I filled up my calendar with my own agenda for good works. And I actually thought that the more I did, especially if I deemed it important, the more worthy I myself was. Somehow, I had confused busyness with productivity and self-worth.

Rather than realizing the power of God’s grace, I thought my own raw determination would see me through … all the while unwilling to wait on the Lord’s perfect timing. And as an added bonus, if I stayed busy enough, then I didn’t have time to feel my own feelings! I’d be too tired at the end of the day to have the energy or concentration to consider self-reflection or self-examination. Heaven forbid I take the time to note my responsibility and liability in relationships and life choices.

Reflecting on the busyness of a full schedule we create for ourselves, I truly believe it can be a major cause of the self-centeredness and likewise, the destruction of relationships in the world today. Just think about how many broken relationships are due to the fact that we just don’t make time for one another, our own personal agenda takes priority. All relationships need to be nurtured and protected. And if I’m too busy with my own stuff then eventually the people I didn’t have time for will fall away from me and fill their life with other people, places, and things. Stay busy, no way … not for me! Stay in love … absolutely! I choose to stay in love with myself and all the relationships and opportunities available to me on a daily basis … nurturing and protecting each as the perfect gift from God it is!

If you don’t believe me, try a little experiment with your dog! Love all over your dog, and watch him love you right back. Ignore your dog and your dog will eventually ignore you. The more love I share the more I receive. That goes for people, animals, and the rest of the world around us too!

However, it is extremely important to note at this time that there are some people out there who don’t want my love and attention and that’s okay. We each need to discern on a regular basis those who are interested and worthy of our love and affection and those who are not. I once heard it said that if I continue to go to a hardware store rather than the grocery store for bread, I would eventually drive myself crazy. Well, of course I would! So, why in the world would I continue to seek a relationship with someone who is clearly not interested in one or may not be looking for the same things in life as me?

We are all on our own unique, individual journey and it does not need to be cluttered with anyone else’s dreams or life style than our own. Likewise, the key to keeping peace and happiness on our journey is accepting ourselves as well as others right where we are. This awareness has been proven to me over and over again. Yes or Yes!?!

While walking this morning I heard a young and innocent Michael Jackson singing “Where there is love, I’ll be there. We must bring salvation back...” Whoa! His lyrics really moved me, as if I was hearing them for the first time. It is up to each and every one of us to make a difference! So if I’m going to get busy at anything, it will be to get out of myself and into loving and serving others … as Michael sang “to help bring salvation back.”

There are those who believe that busyness is the work of the devil. Personally, I think this is a valid consideration for thought. If we stay so busy that we don’t hold ourselves accountable to others, or worse, at the end of an exhausting day

don’t do a self examination … we certainly aren’t growing or becoming better versions of ourselves. The end result … we have served ourselves but have not served God or others.

Here’s how the fathers of the Catholic Church explain the meaning of salvation in the Catechism:

“The Second Vatican Council (of the Catholic Church) declared that ‘the future of humanity is in the hands of those men who are capable of providing the generations to come with reasons for life and optimism.’ (GS, no 31). No one can live without the hope that life has ultimate and lasting meaning beyond the concerns and struggles, the joys and satisfactions of each day. Catholics find that meaning and hope in Jesus Christ, whom God the Father has sent into the world for the salvation of all peoples.”


Salvation could certainly never be achieved if we were only concerned with our own self-serving agendas. Our daily contemplation followed up with the active involvement of reaching out and giving life to those around us allows for the very existence of future life itself. The peace and security that results from our actions creates the joys and satisfactions of each day.

Excerpts from “Nana Talks…Relationships, Remedies and Recipes.

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